Fall and Harvest Decor on a budget 


FALL IS HERE! Well, technically not until September 22nd, but to me once August is over. My mind is automatically in FALL MODE! Who else is there with me?

Are you looking for some cute home decor items on a budget! 

With everything being so expensive now who wants to spend hundreds of dollars on home decor items!?!? 

I mean I know some would. 

But me I love when I find items for cheap or on sale!!!!  I’m not prideful to admit. 

It’s not about being cheap it’s about finding what you love for your home.

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always dreamt of decorating my home during the SEASONS with a family of my own and getting into the holiday spirit!! Growing up in a Hispanic household that didn’t truly exist, we didn’t do that. There was the Christmas tree with lights and table covers for Thanksgiving and that’s it, that’s where it stayed.  😅

Fall is by far my favorite season. Not only do you experience the weather change, but the leaves start changing colors, your wardrobe changes, you get to wear cozy hoodies, pumpkin spice coffee and lattes at Starbucks and Dunkin, pumpkin pies, Halloween decor, harvest decor etc. it’s ONE of the BEST SEASONS

Now that we have our new place, I have been getting more into the home decor vibes and this will be my first time decorating OUR SPACE for the fall, and can I tell you I have never been so excited!!!! 

My husband definitely looks at me like I’m crazy at times when he sees me coming home with things from Target, Home Goods, Walmart, At Home etc. Who else experiences this?! haha. I know most women do. I’m right there with you! 

Today I’ll be sharing with you some fall and harvest decor items if you’re on a budget. I know Target, Home Goods, Walmart have so many cute things for fall, even TJ Maxx, but let me tell you about DOLLAR TREE! 

I haven’t been to a dollar tree in months! I’m sure whoever goes to Dollar Tree more often knows this. But OMG, they have the cutest fall harvest items in store and on their website (of course for online orders you have to purchase in bulk). But if you are throwing some type of fall party, I recommend! I was so focused on going to Target and getting items from their dollar section that I forgot to check the dollar store for the fall.


These are just some items in the photos that are from the dollar tree! Funny how I ended up stopping by there. So, one day after work, I needed to buy water for our monster because he was experiencing some very bad allergies. Especially now because we live in Florida and as many of you know, the water down here is TERRIBLE!!! If you didn’t know, now you know. We were giving him the sink water and not realizing it wasn’t good for him. That’s when I decided to switch his water and I remembered dollar tree had those big jugs of water for a $1.25, and THEN I ended up with a cart full of Fall decor items! Spending a good $19.97!!!!

But back to my quick story, I walk in and all I see is fall and harvest home decor EVERYWHERE so of course I couldn’t resist. I grabbed a cart and had to look around. I found these items and much more that I had to purchase, especially for $1.25!!!!  Yeah, you can’t go wrong. I‘m definitely going back to grab a couple more things. I suggest going to your local dollar tree asap before they are gone. Like I previously said, I was so focused on Target finds that it didn’t even cross my mind to go to the dollar store to look. Especially knowing in the past that they have always put decor for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s, etc.

Never underestimate the dollar store; you never know what you’ll find. 

This is how my entrance table currently looks. I put all these items together from the dollar store. I will say the Welcome to our Patch is by far my favorite! I’m still putting things together here. I’ll keep you updated on my Instagram page.

Please feel free to follow below for ideas and updates. 👇 


There are many great Instagram profiles that I follow for ideas, that you could follow as well for any ideas. One of my favorite profiles that I follow is A Hill Country Home. 


Her decorations are always beautiful and elegant! You won’t be disappointed if you follow!

But all I can say is this home decor is all a learning process and I truly enjoy this part of me because it helps me grow and put a vision together. 

This is just the start. 🙂 

Now let’s show some photos!

All things Fall are starting to hit the sales floor at your LOCAL Dollar Tree. Keep an eye out, I found floor mats, Velvet pumpkins, “Gather” plaques and lots lots more! Here, just take a look at everything I found at my local Dollar Tree, Enjoy!

Fall decor
Fall decorations

So what do you think?? Do you see the possibilities I see? Don’t worry I will share more of my home decor photos with you. Stay Tuned!!

Let me know your thoughts by sending me a message on this blog!! 


Thanks for stopping by friends!!

– Krissia

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