Emotions, what do they mean? Why are they e expressed ? Why do we have emotions? Where do they come from?

Have you ever felt like the more you suppress your emotions the harder it is to explain yourself to anyone. Have you ever felt like everything feels like it’s falling apart because of those emotions?

Your emotions could be such a roller coaster that at times that they may not seem that easy to control, to let go of, are you supposed to control your emotions, technically yeah you could control your emotions, the way you feel, the way you begin your day, how you respond to a person, how a thought can trigger an emotion?

It’s all about you, your control and how you’ll let them define you. Now where do emotions come from.

First, your emotional reactions are usually caused by your thoughts; however, sometimes your brain can also trigger an emotional reaction unconsciously (meaning that you may not understand why that emotional reaction is happening). Second, your emotional reactions involve changes in (1) what your body is doing, (2) what you pay attention to and think about, and (3) how you want to act. Third, after you have an emotional reaction, it is important to pay attention to it and to try your best to figure out which emotions you are feeling and why. Finally, you have learned that it is important to know how emotions work because it can help you respond to your emotions in healthier ways.

Have you ever felt happy, sad, angry, or afraid? How about jealous, ashamed, or embarrassed? Almost everybody has these different emotions from time to time, and they can have a big effect on the way people think and act.

When something happens, you will feel different emotions depending on how your mind answers these different questions.

How should we deal with our emotions?

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