What is your favorite type of weather?

If you haven’t read any of my previous posts well you will find out today that the cool weather is by far my favorite weather, fall is my favorite season!!

For those who have been following my blog for a while clearly know FALL is my favorite!!! Everything fall!!

Now why do I love the cool weather so much??!! Well there is let’s see the change in temperature of course (I can’t do the hot to long), there is changes in the leaves, there is hoodie season, sweat pants! Long socks and of course Halloween, Thanksgiving should I keep going?! ha!

I used to love summer as a child. The hot weather!

Ah, those carefree, school-less days filled with chilled watermelon and ice-cream, endless cartoons and splashes at the beaches—just thinking about them brings a nostalgic smile to my face. Indeed, growing up, summer was my favorite season of them all.

But as I grew older, I began a love affair with another season—one I used to dread as a child because its arrival meant the end of those carefree, school-less days—the fall. I started to appreciate the very season I used to hate. I grew to love the beauty, wonders, and everything else, of fall.

There is so many reasons to love this weather and season!

1. Hot tea and hot cocoa

2. Sweat pants

3. Hoodie season! The best.

4. Sit outdoors and enjoy the breeze!

& so on…..😁

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