The most convenient rice dispenser

Ok guys! I have to let you all know about this rice dispenser I purchased on Amazon!!!!! Omg it’s the best purchase I’ve ever made honestly. No more rice bags on cabinets 😅

Say goodbye rice bags!

Now you know living in a Hispanic household, your parents would put the bag of rice into a clear bin with a scooper. 😅 Example something like this one 👇

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As I got older this is where I would store my rice as well. Until one day, I began googling for a rice dispenser that makes the job easier then scooping rice, I know I know sounds lazy but when I tell you that this rice dispenser is it; IT IS IT!!! You won’t be disappointed.

Not only does this fits a 20lb-25lb bag but it fits inside your kitchen pantry so it’s not out in the way as well as the measuring cup. So tell me why you shouldn’t purchase this!? It is very practical and easy to use.

This was a surprised from my husband actually, he knew I was looking for something convenient, he did a great job on purchasing this dispenser. I love how easy it is to dispense the rice. Love the measuring cup it comes in handy for sure!! Rice lovers you need this !

Now if I compare this to a regular container it doesn’t even compare just because of the fact, that you won’t need one of those big bin for a 20lb bag this holds more than enough and on top of that yeah you can purchase a measuring cup anywhere but that little cup doubles as a washer bowl with a strainer for the rice (at least I run it under water and rinse my rice)

It has a smooth button, with a light press and immediately the rice drops in the measuring cup

Link for the rice dispenser from Amazon ⬇️

Now here are some pros for me that makes this a great purchase.

Pros – 1. Easy to use.

2. Easy to dispense.

3. Very easy to clean.

4. Keeps the rice dry.

5. Easy to load rice.

Some cons I would say..

Cons – 1. This is bigger than a coffee machine. So be prepared if you don’t have enough cabinet space.

2. When you hit the button it’s not measured.

That is all I can say for me, everyone has their own opinions and comments to a product they use.

If you purchase I promise you, YOU WILL LOVE THIS THING and wish like I did why I didn’t have this product earlier !! No complaints, no disappointments. It will make your life easier.

Would love to hear some feedback if you do. What do you love about it ? What do you wish was different? Is it easy to use and clean?

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