Classic scary movies to watch this October

Do you enjoy scary movies ?! Want to know what classic scary movies to watch this October ? Specifically some classics? You’ve come to the right post!

I absolutely love when October is around the corner, why you ask because it is the best time to view fall color, it gets darker quicker and of course change in weather which makes October a spooky month. Of course we all know that this month is when scary movies are played on tv throughout the month and of course a lot of them are classics I watched as a teen.

In this post I’ll be listing 10 classic scary/horror movies, so grab yourself some popcorn and candy and get ready to enjoy some of these classics. I’ll list them by scariest to me and give a little of my opinion on the first 3/4 the rest I’ll explain a little of the films. Please be advise some of these movies are Rated-R. Please feel free to comment below which one is your favorite or if I miss any good ones on your list. I’d love to hear from you.

Let’s begin !!! 👻

1. The Conjuring – 2013 Ok, when I first saw this movie I’m not going to lie it was scary. This movie has probably been one of the scariest movies for me and I love scary movies but this one definitely made me jump and close my eyes. Specially, when the demon or whatever was on the top of the dresser jumped out, If you’ve this seen movie you’ll know what I mean. Honestly I’ve only seen this movie once and I don’t think I can watch it again.

2. The Conjuring 2 – 2016 Just as much as I thought the first one was scary I felt the same way about number 2, although it was more tolerable for me I still got the chills with one. I don’t know just something about demons that doesn’t sit well with me. I know it’s a “movie” but I’m a believer that there is good and evil out there in both forms.

3. The Exorcist – 1973 Now this is a classic I remember my parents speaking about this movie when I was a child. Then when I got older of course I wanted to watch it and see what made this movie so disturbing and scary, well I see why! I mean come on now the head spinning scene. Who didn’t get creeped out by that part.

4. The Last Exorcism – 2010 Not only is this movie disturbing because again this is another movie of a teen who is possessed by a demon but it has some creepy scenes where Nell who is the possessed teen stares herself in the mirror and does all these weird facial expressions and twisted her neck. I didn’t watch the whole movie but from scenes I can categorize as a scary classic movie to see. (If you’re up for it)

5. The Blair Witch Project – 1999 This horror movie served as the inspiration for countless ensuing films, like Paranormal Activity. The movie revolves around three hikers who go to find the legend of Blair Witch and disappear—the movie entirely consists of “found footage,” supposedly recovered from the hikers.

6. Jeepers Creepers – 2001 A horror movie with not one but two frightening foes? Jeepers Creepers follows siblings Trish and Darry Jenner (Gina Phillips & Justin Long) as they are hunted by both a demonic creature named the Creeper and a terrorizing serial killer. The ancient being awakens every 23 springs for twenty-three days, wreaking havoc and horror on those unfortunate to cross its path. The creature is especially horrifying as not only does it smell fear, it also feasts on human body parts in order to form its own body.

7. A nightmare on Elm Street – 1984 Almost a decade before Scream, Wes Craven gifted the world with one of the most infamous movie villains: Freddy Krueger. But it’s not just a slasher flick with a gruesome lead, the movie is held up by a compelling premise and storyline that will definitely leave you scared to go to sleep. I know I didn’t sleep after this movie for days !! Who else didn’t!?

8. Friday the 13th – 1980. By far my favorite aside from Friday the 13th! What starts off as a fun movie about teenagers working at a summer camp quickly turns sour as Jason Voorhees appears on one Friday the 13th. Hockey masks have never been the same since this flick’s 1980 release featuring Kevin Bacon.

9. Hocus Pocus – 1993. Well you can’t go wrong with this classic. The family-friendly comedy stars Better Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy who star as three Salem, Massachusetts witches, resurrected just in time for Halloween.

10. Carrie – 1976 If you don’t find prom scary, you clearly haven’t seen Carrie. The Stephen King novel adaptation has become a cult classic, and remains one of the all-time creepiest teen movies.

Hope you guys enjoy some of these this Halloween 2022 !!! Let me know you comments and thoughts !

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2 thoughts on “Classic scary movies to watch this October

  1. I love the list and it definitely includes some of the scariest movies i have ever watched… But 😭 it feels sad to see that Insidious ( isn’t it a classic?) To be not i the list.. And if you haven’t seen it, I recommend you the movie.. Although it has some mixed reactions like some people feel conjuring is not scary and vice versa..

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