40 Things I love about Autumn

Why Fall is the Best Season of Them all and How to Enjoy This Special Season ?

As a child I used to love summer.

Those carefree, school-less days filled with chilled watermelon and ice-cream, endless cartoons, staying up late and trips to the beach —just thinking about them brings a nostalgic smile to my face. Indeed, growing up, summer was my favorite season of them all.

As I grew older, I began a love affair with another season—one I used to dread as a child because its arrival meant the end of those carefree, school-less days – the fall. Once high school was over and I found myself in the “real world”, I started to appreciate the very season I used to hate. I grew to love the beauty, wonders, and everything else, of fall.

Everyone falls in love at least once a year.

Or at least I do! That is, I fall in love with autumn every October with the first breeze of crisp air that blows through the trees.

Here are 40 Reasons why I love Autumn:

1. Sweater weather – who doesn’t love this part of fall. Time to pull out those sweaters you didn’t get to wear the previous fall.

2. Pumpkin spice lattes – wether you love pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks, Dunkin’, Wawa, 7-11 wherever they serve it, you know it’s fall!

3. No more bikini body worries – this is the time to put in the work to your summer body!

4. Fireplace nights with a bowl of popcorn and a movie – the best of the best.

5. A breath of crisp air

6. Extra hour of darkness = More sleep and who can’t be happy about this !!

7. Football season – my favorite sport season !!! Aside from basketball.

8. Comfort food

9. The changing colors of the leaves – living up North for years this was my favorite of all. Specially driving on the highways and seeing the colors of the leaves!

10. Bike rides through cool breezes

11. Cuddling up with a good book

12. Thanksgiving dinner – Yes, to all those leftovers!!!

13. Corn mazes – the funnest part of October. This makes my inner child happy.

14. Pumpkin carving

15. You can wear scarves again

16. Baking cookies & pies

17. Apple picking

18. Leggings become pants – This has been me for years now. Leggings all fall season.

19. Jumping in leaves – even now as an adult I enjoy this part of fall. As a child my brothers and I would do a competition as to who would build the highest mountain of leaves !!!

20. Boots = less pedicures

21. Halloween

22. Roasting marshmallows

23. Crisp hikes

24. You can make sancocho again – if you’re Hispanic you know !! Lol.

25. Eskimo kisses to warm the nose

26. No sweat, no frostbite – no complains for fall weather. I know we all hate sweating and we hate the cold. Not fun!

27. Chimney smoke

28. Mornings are golden

29. Hot toddy

30. Cozy slippers

31. Snuggly socks

32. Almost time to watch Home Alone on repeat – who else grew up watching this one on repeat ??!! And still loves this movie.

33. Spiced Pecan Pumpkin pie {my favorite}

34. Harvest Moon

35. Hay Rides

36. Farmer’s Markets

37. Weekend cabins

38. Cinnamon Everything

39. Cold rain showers that force you to stay indoors

40. Autumn is the season to find contentment at home by paying attention to what we already have. To be grateful, to give thanks, to appreciate life.

Hope you enjoyed this post and brings you appreciation for this season. If there is something I missed on my list. Please let me know!! Loved to hear from my readers.

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