Decorating your work cubicle on a budget

Are in the Halloween spirit!!?!? Do you love when you begin to see Halloween decorations in the stores! I know I’m and do. This is my favorite part of the Fall!!!

Well in this post I have decided to write about decorating your work cubicle or office on a budget and make it look to your liking without spending lots of money!

I will also post some photos from my co workers!!! Enjoy. 👻

Now I know that some of us hate our jobs, hate that we work in a cubicle, hate that our boss and co workers won’t be quiet sometimes and can’t even have a sense of privacy like if you had your own office. Well I’ve experienced both office and cubicle life as my career changed.

Anyway, so I’ve never actually decorated or posted anything for any holiday while working in an office. This year that has changed, the new HR assistant is a person who loves to decorate I mean when she first started and I saw her cubicle full of things she loved I was like ok… wouldn’t be me lol, but not the one to judge but for this one I felt like I did since it was a lot of decoration for Oklahoma Sooners football team.

In fact, I’ve never seen anyone have so many different things in their cubicles for a team! Maybe just photos of their friends and family yes! Lol it’s normal. But anywho she came up to ask us the girls at work if we were decorating for Halloween!! it’s about 5 of us we have a small office in Orlando, but our corporate headquarters is originally New Jersey. So of course 3 of them were in like yes we need some life here !! Specially since it’s mostly men here and we know how men can be lol.

Well, I decided to jump in and I actually hit the dollar store, Dollar tree !! Because in my previous post of fall and harvest decor on a budget I spoke about the dollar store!! So duh I would end up going again to see Halloween decorations!!

Let me tell you, dollar tree definitely has some cute Halloween decor for home, office, room etc. You can’t go wrong there for a quick office decor on a budget! Specially if it’s something you’ll throw away after a month so why not!? Right?

Below are some photos of what they have at a location by me, I spent $10 bucks on decorations for my cubicle; it’s simple but it’s still Halloween “spirit” I will show those shortly.

So what do you THINK!?!!? Come on you can’t tell me that there isn’t a lot to choose from for $1.25!!!!! As I mentioned this is for anyone on any type of budget, could even be for a Halloween party you are throwing and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars!!!

You’ll find everything from table covers, plates, door mats, candy etc. so don’t go spending $100 on candy at CVS, Walgreens, Target! Go to the dollar store and grab all the candy bags you need for $1.25.

Now let me show you some of my decorations and some of my co workers. We were planning on having a competition but in reality we did it more for fun since it’s 3 of us who decorated. 😅 I will start off with my cubicle first then go down to the best cubicle to us and last to the HR assistant who thought of the idea!

Let me know your thought on my decorations! I honestly love the fact that it is simple but still has the Halloween vibes to it!

Now below are photos of my co workers cubicles ! The fact that one of them did the “crime scene” is super creative!

Now, she actually did the same thing I did and grabbed everything from a dollar tree by her! It’s crazy because what you may find in one dollar tree you won’t find in another sometimes, I’m sure my dollar store shoppers know this!

Now how cute is this !!!! Love love the runner, our HR assistant actually said she was “not going crazy” as she usually does this year! Which was a bummer because she thought of the idea !!

Hope you guys enjoyed all the photos ! But please find your local dollar tree and start Halloween shopping asap!!! They won’t last long!!

Happy Halloween Shopping!!!

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