The Most Durable Dog Bed

Does your dog think he has super human powers? Or has some type of chewing power? 

Well mine does, introducing Boogie the monster, coming in strong at 133lbs. Destroying everything in his way that he can chew and break!!

Dog, American Bully


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In this post I’ll be discussing a product that FINALLY worked for this guy. Not only is this bed very durable but it has saved our money flying out the door. Now that doesn’t mean your 4-legged friend still won’t rip it, every pet is different and everyone has different needs. It would be hard to predict what would or would not work for each person until they try it. 

But it has worked for us so far so why not share it with other dog parents who experienced this and can try it themselves.

Now when I say I have experienced the worst of  the worst, finding the toughest bed for my destroyer, I mean it and I’m sure everyone else will relate going through this now. . 😩 

I purchased bed after bed starting from Petco, Petsmart, even  Walmart and last but not least found the perfect one on Amazon! I mean Amazon has it ALL now, so I was surprised that I was able to find this K9 Bed because it has been the game changer for me. 

Amazon Link below ⬇️

This bed is GREAT in so many aspects it‘s washable and easy to clean, who doesn’t love a dog bed that’s easy to clean! I rinse his bed in the shower when he has vomited or had an accident, comes off right away. I even hit it with the pressure washer and it looks brand new every single time! No complains!

Now this is thin enough for a crate but tough at the same time while still giving some cushion for comfort. On top of that It looks very nice in there as well. Can’t go wrong with that. 

His first week my boy chewed a small hole as you could see some on the photo. But it has honestly lasted longer than any other bed I’ve purchase. 

Now I would like to compare the two beds I purchased from Petco and PetSmart. They have great beds don’t get me wrong but not tough enough for a chewer or digger. 

When I first bought Boogie home of course he had his puppy bed, but before I knew it he grew and looked like a “dog“ in what felt like two months. He was GROWN and putting on weight fast and length fast! His ”puppy” bed was not cutting it anymore. 

With that being said, I decided to purchase his first big boy bed from Petco. I went with a size large so it could last him until he grew into a ”dog.”  

Bed link below. ⬇️

BUT OF COURSE, THAT WAS A DEFINITELY NO FOR HIM, it lasted 2 nights in his crate. All the corners were chewed off and the fuzzies were everywhere, and on top of that he ate some of course! 

Now the bed was great, nice, fluffy and soft for him but it didn’t do its job and I didn’t do my research to make sure it was good for chewers. So that was money out the door. 

Then I went ahead and decided to look into a PetSmart bed just because I never really purchased from Petco I always have been more of a PetSmart lover ! Sorry Petco! lol

2nd Bed below 👇 

This bed “seemed“ like a WINNER  because to me it said it had “bite shield protection“ but it was definitely not tough enough for him. It was done within a week I mean it lasted longer than the first one! But what can I say sometimes we as dog parents need to take those behaviors away from them, if not these issues will continue. I took the initiative to work with him on this cheap bed I purchased from Walmart although it didn’t make a big difference but his chewing behavior were less. 

I DO recommend working on those behaviors for your K9 bed to last months!

But I’m not a dog trainer just suggesting something that worked for me of course, it is all about patience and patterns.

As I mentioned, The K9 Ballistics Tough Dog Crate Pad is Washable, Durable and Waterproof. You can not go wrong with all these perks! 

& If you’re dogs a digger, this will survive. Trust me. 

This one is well worth the money. I give it a 5 for toughness, but only a 3 for softness – could use a little more fluff and padding. But I understand why it is made this way to make it last for your dog. I would love to hear from you and if you had some success on this bed or any dog bed that has worked for you. As you could see below the bed until this day is still alive and going strong!!! Boogie loves it!!

Most durable dog bed

An FYI his crate is also from Amazon it’s one of the best crates I’ve purchased.  Durability is 100% and it’s GREAT for big boys !!! 

Link below for my big dog parents! 👇

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