How I turned my blahs in to blogs?

So you want to know how I turned my blahs into blogs. 

Well, here we are, now let’s get started…to be honest, I didn’t think I would enjoy writing as much as I do now. I love giving people my honest opinion & experiences I’ve endured, especially when I started Yelping.. I went from reviewing restaurants, stores, shops etc. to becoming Yelp Elite in 5 months. I have always been an extrovert and never felt fully comfortable speaking to people face to face, until that changed, of course, leaving that comfort zone is something we all need. Is this you? Don’t be scared, just do it!  

But let’s be honest here, the more I Yelped, the more comfortable writing my honest truth became. Before I knew it, I was attending events where I met other Yelpers like me. Very exciting and fun, of course, and not to mention the perks you receive from being Yelp Elite, as I’ll mention below!! If you aren’t on Yelp yet, I recommend doing so. Being elite has great perks, aside from being selected to attend certain events to not only review the location and event but with this comes  complimentary food, drinks and offers from Yelp, meeting the owners and other Yelpers etc. This is a great tool for networking! But come on, please tell me who doesn’t love receiving anything free. 

But enough about Yelp, let’s get to the point as to why my post caught your attention!

A huge shoutout to my husband, who saw something in me I didn’t see at that moment when he noticed how much I enjoyed writing reviews, or how exciting I would get to review a restaurant, a service and products. NOW, this is where I began dissecting and researching on Google, Youtube, Pinterest on how to become a blogger, how bloggers made an income out of this “blogging” life, lifestyle blogging tips, blogging do’s and dont’s. Now for me, it isn’t just about the passive income I can generate, but about helping others as well. I came across so many web pages and answers, I’m sure that you have as a beginner as well that my brain was on fire, I didn’t even know which direction to go, it was honestly overwhelming and a little scary. I asked myself if this is something I want to get into, but have no fear there is nothing in life that is too hard, especially if you master your craft! Now I’m not saying I’m an expert at blogging just yet! I still have a lot to learn but in my honest opinion, please, please do your research before you jump into blogging. 

I went on to search free blogging courses online, affiliate marketing programs for blogging, how to set up your own blog, a niche for your blog that will attract an audience, lifestyle blogging, everything I could find on Pinterest I took notes off and saved ( Listen, Pinterest has become my best friend ever since) you can literally find anything on this app!!!! it is the best for finding any idea from recipes, business tips, home decor tips, fitness workouts and many how to questions you may have and not to mention read other bloggers experiences and how they started. (now I’m sure you will read in certain blogs to find one niche and start with that but honestly I don’t agree with that, this is my opinion others may have their own, do what you feel in your gut is going to work for you to help your audience.) With that being said, please feel free to follow my Pinterest account here!

Now let’s get to what made me want to do blogging besides reviewing of course, but more importantly it was to share my knowledge with the world like YOU. From lifestyle blogging, to being a first time business owner, how to save money and pay off a debt, how to meal prep and so on. I believe these small tips can help any beginner because I know I was there just like you. I mean if I can help anyone with useful Information then why not write about it and of course generate a passive income in the long run from writing. As I mentioned I truly enjoyed writing reviews on google and Yelp, but to know that blogging can bring me money of course I was in!! A big resource that helped me was Sassy boss. This was my go to when I started taking notes. Not only does she give you free courses on blogging, but she provides a free blog workbook planner. Which can be very helpful for those looking to start their own blog, but you know what’s best you can do this course in the comfort of your own home whenever you want! And who doesn’t love that? Below will be her website for you to reference. I highly recommend and it’s!! 

Aside from Sassy boss being so helpful, I went and took a course from She has courses for blogging, pinning for a profit and a business builder masterclass – I mean you can not go wrong with the prices for these courses!! I took the blogging class, of course, because that is what I was looking for at the time. Not only will you receive 8 video modules, a web design checklist to begin your website, but 50+ affiliate marketing programs. Everything you need to start a new blog or business from scratch and start making money right away. Let me know if you try any of these and what you learn, of course!!! I’d love to hear about your experiences. I love it when I can help others and they can help me.

YouTube has been a big resource and it’s free (which is what we all want). I’m sure you know this. Just like Google, you can find everything on YouTube, there is so much for you to learn. One YouTuber I watched all the time was Cathrin Manning, her videos are very informative and helpful, she is very knowledgeable in her craft…an Fyi, don’t be afraid to reach out to these bloggers and sponge as much information as you can, especially if this is one route you want to go. You can blog about anything nowadays as long as you have an answer for someones problems.. from being a stay-at home mom, being a business owner, recipes for healthy meals, how to save money, how to heal from childhood traumas etc. 


I’m NOT going to LIE that I was a bit nervous about emailing other bloggers, commenting on their blog posts, or their channels, but it was the best thing I did and you can do too to learn. Don’t feel intimidated. We have to start somewhere, we all need a mentor in life! Start today!

Alright, now that we have covered my very own first post ever explaining a little of why I will be blogging, I hope that I was able to provide some information that could spark your mind just like many bloggers did to mine. Don’t blog just for income, blog to help others solve a problem they need an answer to. I’m still learning this blogging life as I go, but if you stick around I promise I won’t bore you!! Let’s learn together, there is so much for me to write and help you all with. Thank you for stopping by! See you next time. 

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5 thoughts on “How I turned my blahs in to blogs?

  1. It feels so good to read about people experiences on the same thing that your are doing and aiming to achieve. Your way of telling the story really made me smile and I wish you all the very best on your journey. Keep it Up. let us all grow and be happy together.

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